First but not first at all. (শুরু হইয়াও হইলোনা শুরু)

Posted: 2009/09/13 in Uncategorized

It was November, 2008, one of my best  friends, Mahdee suddenly asked me, “Why don’t you start blogging ?”  To be honest, till that time I was thinking that blogging is for famous persons like Steve Jobs or Omi Azad. I thought he was kidding & I laughed. He became serious & tried to make me understand about it. Well, I got interested & for the first time I opened a blog in blogger using my gmail account. I posted just one Topic there where I wrote “This is my first post here, I’m not sure whether I’m gonna continue or not.” That was the last post too on that blog.” & Really I got busy with my studies & forgot about this blog.

Last night one of my little bro, Junayeed Ahnaf Nirjhor asked me once again about blogging. This time I got too interested as I got a lot to write. As a result, After almost 1 year I’ve created this  BLOG  last night. Thanks To Mahdee, Tareq Vai & Junayeed Ahaaf. Specially to Mahdee for whom I started blogging at least. I’ve dedicated my blog on his name. 🙂

This is first post, wasn’t sure what to write actually….. Your comments & suggestions will help me a lot. & I hope you will do it. 🙂

Have a nice time there.


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