Windows 7 Ultimate :: Next Is What…

Posted: 2009/09/15 in Computer
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Everyone knows that Microsoft is going to release their latest operating system, Windows 7 on October 22th for the general. Earlier  Microsoft has offered its’ Beta & RC version to use for free for a certain time. I tried the beta but it wasn’t so special. Recently I’ve downloaded Windows 7 build7600 which supposed to be released as Final from Microsoft. I downloaded the .iso, extracted it & made a bootable pendrive to install Windows 7. It took around 25 min to finalize the setup. Soon I’ve installed 7 on my secondary hard disk, I had a look around the OS. Below there is a short review of it:

Things that I liked in Seven”:

1. New Taskbar: The new taskbar is really nice. it’s more transparent & has a glass effect which is better than the taskbar in Vista.

2. Processing Speed: The performance of windows 7 is much better than Vista. It seems too speedy even on 1GB RAM where Vista was kinda slow.

3. Improved Graphics Performance: In Vista I found a dramatic upgrade of video playback. the movie quality is so improved, but while playing games ( I tried NFS Undercover) it was a bit choppy. Windows 7 has overcome this problem. It has more stunning video playback feature with dolby digital feature. & I found the game is running smoothly here.

Things I Disliked:

1. WMP dock in taskbar option is disappeared: Windows Media Player is my favourite since it’s version 11 was released. I liked the WMP12 too. But the most irritating thing is that, the “dock in taskbar” option isn’t available. so everytime I play a new song, the WMP window pops up, also in new thumbnail preview mode, you can’t change volume or open a stable mini window mode.  It really disappointed me. Now I’m using iTunes as alternative for music playback.

2. Boot & Shut Down Time: From other 7 users & as said by Microsoft, the boot time and the shutdown time should be faster. But in my pc Windows boots faster but sometimes it takes even more than 1 min to shut down. So irritating.

Other Changes In Windows 7:

Windows Dreamscene is not available in build 7600 version. But there is a option available now where you can select multiple wallpaper which will be changed randomly after a certain time.

Windows 3d flip, ( I liked this feature actually in Vista) is also unavailable in 7 😦 Also I didn’t find any desktop icon to switch between programs or windows. So you have to use keyboard shortcut Alt+TAB to switch.

(Few screenshot will be uploaded later. ) 😛

  1. codename says:

    “WMP dock”
    yeah, ‘m also missing the WMP dock… but I’ve alternate,.. keyboard 😉

    “2. Boot & Shut Down Time:”
    my PC boots & shows the log-in screen in 15 to 20 seconds after selecting the OS from the boot menu (I’ve several OS) & it turns-off within 4 to 10 sec. max.

    “3D Flip”
    Windows 7 has the 3D Flip. ‘m using it. r not u using Ultimate or Professional edition?

    hey,… is Windows Aero enabled?

    • mehedee says:

      Well, my keyboard doesn’t have multimedia configuration, but i’m training voice command system for it nowadayz.

      second thing…. Boot & Shut Down Time…. yeah, it has improved a lot after 2nd time install in a larger space, i think at least 25GB is essential to ensure boot up & shut down time.

      finally 3D Flip……. thanx a lot for the secret of 3D Flip 😀 i would never knew it if you’ve told me.

  2. noactive says:

    Windows 7 Ultimate :: Next Is What… .Thanks for nice post.I added to my twitter.

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