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Posted: 2009/10/06 in Uncategorized

For long my PC is ON, few things must be running there such as. firefox with 5/6 tabs, Windows Live Mail, Messengers ( Live, Y!, Gtalk, Skype) & Music ofcourse, Yes, I love music a lot, I can go China to get a song if I’ve liked  it.  Luckily I got internet & a lot friends with good music test. Few days back one of my friend came to my house. He got a mp3 player & requested me for some music, by that time I made a backup of his player. Later when I was checking out his collection I found few of them are really Great!.  These are released years ago, but somehow I’ve missed them.. well, here is a very short review of them… 🙂

# Ecstasy by ATB:

I usually don’t listen ATB (don’t know why) but this one impressed me so much, Music, Lyrics, Voice…. God! it’s really nice.

# Clarity by John Mayer

Clarity, John Mayer - Heavily Things

Album title: Heavier Things released in 2003.  I like soft music often. If You like soft music, you gonna like this one too..

# Morning Light by Concord Dawn: seems like a instrumental to me, liked the music setup, you might be like this. While watching the video file, you may feel like in trance a bit 😛 . Couldn’t find a streaming audio link for this file, I may upload it later. Right now you may check the youtube video for this file…

You Can Try these  here:

1. Ecstasy – ATB

2. Clarity – John Mayer

3. Morning Light (Video Stream)


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