In The Ocean Of Music with Altec Lancing VS4121BLK.

Posted: 2011/08/05 in Uncategorized

When I Bought My PC in 2006,  I Had A Normal Speaker From Creative, Model, SBS-240. Was Good Enough, But one day one of  my cousin requested them in exchange with his Mercury 2:1 speaker. I Agreed, But Wasn’t Too lucky to have them for a long. It got damaged while shifting my home. Since then i was trying to buy a good speaker.

Finally the chance came,  I had 3000 BDT in my savings & Mom gave me rest for buying  the speaker I was dreaming of. I bought Altec Lancing VS4121BLK next day, it was a big packet & it was too hot outside. But after I returned home, when i plugged that monster & played Numb (LP), Oh My God! I forgot all my tiredness. Sounds silly but the truth is my mom got pretty scared at first as she thought there is another earthquake. Well, it was nothing but simply the vibration from the bigger part of speaker, A 6″ Front Firing Long Throw Bass System.

Well, here is a short config of the system I’ve:

1. a 6″ Front Firing Long Throw Woofer System.

2. Two Satellite has got 2 twitter with one 3″ mid range driver in each.

3. Right Satellite has got the master power switch, Volume, Bass & Treble Nob, which means, without this satellite the whole system is a junk.

4. Peak capability of the system is 62 Watt, Normally 32 Watt. A Woofer requires 19Watt only ( i guess a big disappointing factor here)

5. This is actually a gaming speaker, though it can play all sorts of music pretty well, yeah it knows where to throw bass. 😀

6. From a 2:1 System, you may not expect a 3D experience without it, really!

Well, that’s just a speaker & I don’t think there’s a lot to write about it. Simply……

This is just not a speaker, This is Altec Lancing. 🙂


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