Android ROM Upgrade Process Via Odin : Samsung Galaxy Ace (Cooper) GT-S5830

Posted: 2011/09/06 in Uncategorized

No wonder, Android is a big craze nowadays & obviously, people always wants to stay updated with them. I bought Samsung Galaxy Ace a month ago & it came 2.3.3 Built-in. I was pretty happy with the config I found.  But android is just not about the stock rom & you might wanna try other ROMs as well. However I didn’t have a plan to try other ROMs though, I had to do this. Human Nature, you know! Explore!!!


What happened is, I tried a Custom 2.3.3 ROM on my phone with CWM. & didn’t really liked that. So I decided to come back to Original ROM. But failed several times due to an unknown problem. My phone wasn’t booting up except only showing the boot screen. I got frustrated really & realized that the Stock ROM is gone forever. I turned my on with that x^2 ROM & suddenly came up with a idea to upgrade the rom to 2.3.4 Update. I wasn’t sure if it’s possible anymore for my phone though. But when you’ve nothing to loose, who dares to try ? I said “Hi’ to my luck & tried the ROM & Voila! My phone started to breathe in the new 2.3.4 Firmware.  Lets see, what I’ve done here…..



1) You gotta have an account on SAMFIRMWARE. I bet you already have one. 🙂

2) USB Drivers to Detect Your Phone while it’s in “Download” mode & you can leave that to Windows Update (it will automatically download &  install the drivers)  Else, Drivers are available at SAMFIRMWARE. 🙂

3. The New ROM you’re going to install. Go to Samfirmware & find the best one for you. If you’re from Bangladesh, I recommend to choose any latest Update from Asian Region. I chose 2.3.4 Asian Stock Firmware.

4. and mighty Odin! well, you’ll find the appropriate version of Odin for your phone at Samfirmware.

Oh yeah, I forget one thing. 5) the OPS file of your Phone. You know where to find it, right ? Samfi……….. 😉


Now Lets see the process:

1) Create a Backup of your current ROM first. You may like to use CWM for that.

2) Use Titanium Backup to backup data+apk of your current applications.

3) Now Turn Of your phone & Reboot into Download Mode by pressing & holding down “Volume Down+Home+Power Key”

4) Once it’s showing “Downloading” connect the usb cord.  You’ll see windows update will check & install driver for you. If because of something you don’t wanna do that. Install the drivers you downloaded from Samfirmware.

5) Once you see the driver install confirmation, Unplug the USB.

6) Run ODIN.  Select the OPS file first. Now………….hey wait!!!! the file you downloaded from Samfirmware, mostly likely is a single Tar file ( Extract the zip file & you’ll get that). So obviously, you can’t get individual PDA, Phone, CSC, BOOT file for your phone. So ????????

7) Look at the Middle Left of Odin. 4 options are there. Check “One Package” from there & Now skip PDA, Phone, CSC, BOOT  options & directly go to One Package option. Browse for the Tar file & select it.

8) Connect The phone now in Download Mode. You’ll see the connection info in the upper side of Odin.

9) Hold your breather, Say Bismillah & Click on “Start”, Follow the message in down-left box.

10)  Now this will take while & don’t worry. When it says “Close Serial Port & Wait Untill Reboot” Unplug the USB. You’re phone mostly likely to reboot into new ROM now. You’re done there. Explore it!

11) In some cases, (like mine) I got a continuous restart problem. Therefore, Simplay shutdown & reboot into Recovery Mode. Wipe Cache partion & Clear personal Data/Factory Reset. Restart Again. Done!



a) You’ve just install a fresh ROM. therefore it’s no more rooted. You’ve to root it first if you need Rooted apps.

b) Your recovery console will be reset to Samsungs’ default “3e”. Install a fresh copy of which one you were used to use earlier.


That’s all, For me, For You too, I hope. Still you’ve a question, let me know. 🙂



  1. Can you help me to change my firmware of sony ericsson live with walkman?

  2. sotterpath says:

    excellent job :0

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