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Everyone knows that Microsoft is going to release their latest operating system, Windows 7 on October 22th for the general. Earlier  Microsoft has offered its’ Beta & RC version to use for free for a certain time. I tried the beta but it wasn’t so special. Recently I’ve downloaded Windows 7 build7600 which supposed to be released as Final from Microsoft. I downloaded the .iso, extracted it & made a bootable pendrive to install Windows 7. It took around 25 min to finalize the setup. Soon I’ve installed 7 on my secondary hard disk, I had a look around the OS. Below there is a short review of it:

Things that I liked in Seven”:

1. New Taskbar: The new taskbar is really nice. it’s more transparent & has a glass effect which is better than the taskbar in Vista.

2. Processing Speed: The performance of windows 7 is much better than Vista. It seems too speedy even on 1GB RAM where Vista was kinda slow.

3. Improved Graphics Performance: In Vista I found a dramatic upgrade of video playback. the movie quality is so improved, but while playing games ( I tried NFS Undercover) it was a bit choppy. Windows 7 has overcome this problem. It has more stunning video playback feature with dolby digital feature. & I found the game is running smoothly here.

Things I Disliked:

1. WMP dock in taskbar option is disappeared: Windows Media Player is my favourite since it’s version 11 was released. I liked the WMP12 too. But the most irritating thing is that, the “dock in taskbar” option isn’t available. so everytime I play a new song, the WMP window pops up, also in new thumbnail preview mode, you can’t change volume or open a stable mini window mode.  It really disappointed me. Now I’m using iTunes as alternative for music playback.

2. Boot & Shut Down Time: From other 7 users & as said by Microsoft, the boot time and the shutdown time should be faster. But in my pc Windows boots faster but sometimes it takes even more than 1 min to shut down. So irritating.

Other Changes In Windows 7:

Windows Dreamscene is not available in build 7600 version. But there is a option available now where you can select multiple wallpaper which will be changed randomly after a certain time.

Windows 3d flip, ( I liked this feature actually in Vista) is also unavailable in 7 😦 Also I didn’t find any desktop icon to switch between programs or windows. So you have to use keyboard shortcut Alt+TAB to switch.

(Few screenshot will be uploaded later. ) 😛



Posted: 2009/09/13 in Computer

2006, I got a PC as a gift from my dad as gift for getting an important scholarship back in Class VIII. I was too excited. I’ve got my dream machine.

It was somehow like this:

Pentium-IV 2.66Ghz Non HT

RAM: 256MB DDR-2 RAM 533Bus.

Gigabyte 8I915GV-MD Mainboard.

Samsung SpinPoint SP0802N Hard Disk.

Samsung Syncmaster 591s Black.

Total System cost me 29000BDT.

This PC was just awesome 😀 . Though I was missing more RAM. After 2 year I bought 1gb DDR2 667 bus for my system. I was just quite happy with this system. Even Vista ran so smooth on it though it wasn’t capable to run Aero Effect. & Don’t know why, this system ran better in Vista than XP 😛

Recently 2 months ago, this system was highly damaged due to spontaneous load shedding, it’s main board was out of order. Problem was that my processor was kinda old, new main board wouldn’t match this processor. So for new system I also got to think about a new processor. I talked with Dad & finally bought Core 2 Duo E7400 processor with Intel DG41RQ Desktop Board.

Wow!!! It’s so gr8. New mainboard supports upto 2GB graphics memory with a 533 / 800 Mhz Engine Clock. I can play almost every game, released within 2009 & smoothly too. I always miss a graphics card, This onboard x4500 gfx card has lessen the need a bit. :-bd